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Sep 28, 2012 11:00pm EDT
hallmarks that gave the campaign a bump for bill clinton's speech. is he just not want to admit it? or does he just know that people won't care or following research this? how does you make that statement front of everyone? >> host: maria bartiromo. >> guest: we are in political season. it's political folk all, all politics. and so, number one on the tax code, yes, that is what i just said. i agree with that. what could have seen change over the last three years of her going to complain about people not paying their fair share, change the tax code. it is all legal. if the money manager can use whatever loopholes are available to him or her to lower their tax expense, of course they're going to do it. anybody would. it's not illegal. it's what they should or could do because of the loopholes available to them. again, i think you need to lower the corporate tax rate and broaden the base by eliminating those loopholes so everybody is on the same playing field. we haven't seen anybody do that. and the last three and a half years we are hearing a lot of attacks on wealth, tax on business, t
Oct 3, 2012 11:00pm EDT
president obama talking about renegotiating nafta during his campaign or listen to be or bill clinton, the butchers of beijing, he ends up forging a pretty strong relationship with china. so i think you have to discount a lot of the rhetoric and a lot of what you hear about priorities at this point. and probably conclude that when they do get an office that harold macmillan words will probably try things more than anything else and that is events, my dear boy, events. and then they get back to what you're saying. what will be their management style? what will be their ability based on history to respond to those events as they arise. >> what leadership clues have you picked up? >> i think we have an incumbent president, so one would argue, we know how he'll be inclined to govern. i no one would argue, maybe not. obama took over and all night and unusual circumstance. he was majority of both houses. apparently feel the administration, huge financial crisis. he did various things. ron emanuel as chief of staff understood how to manage congress demanded up to for anything to congress more tha
Oct 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
weeks during the convention which is bill clinton lineback in 1990 if you work hard and play by the rules you should expect to be in the american middle class. it's basically what he's been saying. obama repeated it. and i just don't think that's na. i don't think it's political. you have work harder, study harder, learn and relearn faster and reinvent the rule naps is because we are in a very different work environment technology is making older jobs outdate faster and spin off new jobs. and they each one requires more education. and i just think if we're going it i think america is a huge advantage in the world. because the i think the world is going to be divided going forward between high imagination and enabling countries and low imagination enabling country. rethe highest imagination enabling country in the world. if you have spark of an idea you can go to delta in taiwan they'll design it. they'll get you a cheap chinese manufacture. amazon will gift wrap it for christmas. free lancer get the logo. they are commodities except this. that's no country that does better. the prob
Sep 25, 2012 11:00pm EDT
is a increase in the last two years. it's increased to not agree. when bill clinton gave his talk at the democratic national convention, he was incredibly shrewd because he didn't talk about medicare. medicare is not the real wedge. it's not the real difference in terms of numbers between these two campaigns. it really is medicaid. when you look at medicaid and who benefits from medicaid, it is a lot of white working class folks as well as minority backgrounds as well. so i think when you think about how republicans talk, that is the funny thing about ryan and brian is an eerie he has in some respects kind of gotten it right in talking about how you want to talk about how we care about the safety. it matters to us in a free enterprise society and the dynamics excited we need to have this. it's not some kind of side thing that we kind of garnish on the salad, but an incredibly important part of making the whole system work. the problem is that the reason why he excites a lot of activists as for other reasons, the way he sometimes uses kind of very apocalyptic language about the threat
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4